Friday, July 25, 2014

A Late Summer Mantel

Well, dare I say the words, summer is slipping away. It'll be August in mere days. Around here, since we homeschool, we say that it's summer till mid September, just 'cause we can! After Wednesday's camper crush post, you can probably tell that I'm feeling a might bit adventurous and I wanted our mantel to be a bit adventurous too. A little while back, I wrote about our late spring mantel, and honestly I've had that one up until now. Usually, I do a summer mantel with lots of beachy items that I've collected, but this year I was so in love with my cow print in all her glory, that I just left the mantel as it was all these months. I was finally ready for a change, and since I have adventure and campers on the brain, I've been collecting some fun pieces to reflect my adventurous spirit. 

I decided to leave up our old "barn door" that we made because it really helps to lighten up all those dark rocks. I also left up the white banners, the more white, the more bright- a great decorating tip for renters! I found the white paper fans and thought they added a little bit of whimsy. This look will keep me happy until I start to feel the cool crispness of the fall air, and then it'll be time to think about Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays. I'm sooooo not ready to welcome any of that yet, so I'm going to stay adventurous for as long as I can! Thanks for stopping by today!

Source List

"Let's Sleep Under The Stars" print:  by Katie Daisy at Etsy
"Everyday Is An Adventure Embrace The Journey" print:  by recipe for crazy at Etsy
"VW Bus" print:  by Lemonade Makin' Mama at Etsy
Metal Ampersand:  Habitat for Humanity Restore
Banners handmade by moi
Vintage binoculars: collected while thrifting

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On Fresh Starts


Good morning y'all! You may be noticing that I've made some changes here at the blog. I've wanted for a long while to simplify my blog design, and I finally sat down and began to do some thinking about how I wanted it to look. You know? I want it to have a certain vibe, so that even though we may not know one another in "real" life, we can still feel like we've known one another for years. Share some laughs, some tears, some coffee and share our stories. When I first began this blog only a few short months ago, I wasn't sure if I'd even like this blogging thing and I just never dreamed anyone else would ever stop by! But, I'm lovin' it, and some of you precious people do come by to visit so I thought it was high time I made some changes that would be more reflective of who I am. I'm a simple, small town girl that loves white spaces and colorful vintage treasures. I adore homeschooling our kids and raising free range chickens. I love cloth napkins and old china. I like clean and crisp and I wanted my blog design to reflect those parts of me. So, the look may have changed, but it's still little old me doing the blogging and sharing about the real. My Facebook Page got a new look too. Go by some time and take a look. Love you all!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Camper Crush and A Dirty Laundry Update

I've just got to write about my camper crush before I explode! I want a camper- like in the worst way! Anybody out there with me? I want a vintage pull behind camper about 16 feet in length. 

Isn't that just the cutest little thing? It's going to be a long process of saving and finding just the right one, not too terribly far from home, for just the right price. This is going to be quite an exercise in patience, thank you God for yet another of those {I say while clenching my teeth}! I want one so badly- I can see myself sitting there at it's lovely little dinette, relaxing after a long day hiking and exploring. 

The peaceful sounds of the evening melodies of the cicadas lingering in the background as I rustle up some dinner on the cutsie retro stove top nestled inside my little vintage wonder. Yep, I've given this a lot of thought! I welcome the challenge of the redo, with all it's painting and sewing, bring it on I say!

But alas, it's patience that's the most laborious for me. I'm sooooo not good at patience, which is why God keeps setting forth these challenges for me. 


See my problem? I'm in a hurry to finish learning how to be patient. Mercy, I've a long way to go! And just in case you know of one of these puppies needing a new home for dirt cheap, shoot me a message will ya? Just sayin'............

And in other news- my daughter and I are both patting ourselves on the backs because we haven't changed out of our first outfit choice even once since my posting of And More Dirty Laundry. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, follow the link here back to my original post. This is monumental for us both since usually we feel we just don't look "right" several times before heading out the door. This is good right? Progress, yes? How are y'all doing? Are you loving yourselves more? Do it, won't you? If we can do it, you can do it! Hugs to you all!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Teen Girl's Room Refresh {Before}

Hi y'all! We are really busy over here trying to freshen up the girl's shared room. I love it just as it is, but the girls wanted more of a teen vibe going on in there. Here's how it looks now.........

and here's some of the goodies they've chosen to change things up a little- new fabric to make pillows......

shelving and lots of pillow inserts from IKEA..... 

and new duvet covers also a bargain at IKEA.....

and here's the corner that's getting the most attention. It's where they keep their shared desk........

And to add just the right amount of funky, a disco ball....

Stay tuned everyone. Hopefully, this won't take too long and I'll post some after shots soon! What's changing at your house right now? We are just about to repaint our master bedroom and finally make some headway in the kid's shared bath. I've put off re-doing their bath f-o-r-e-v-e-r, and it's just high time I dive right into that project. Have A Manic Monday Y'all!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

A Fried Green Tomato Kind Of Day

Today is a fun kind of day! It's Friday, which always puts a little spring in my step, and I'm sharing a yummy southern favorite recipe AND a favorite movie of mine. See, told you it was a fun kind of day! The recipe and the movie go hand in hand- I just couldn't talk about one without the other. 

On Friday nights, my husband and I usually watch a movie in bed together. It's just become a little tradition of ours and a special time for us to catch up on the goings on of the week and just enjoy one another's company. We don't have t.v., but we'll snuggle around the laptop in bed and watch something on Netflix or rent from Amazon occasionally. MANY years ago we watched "Fried Green Tomatoes". No, it's not just a side-dish, it's a movie too! If you haven't seen it before, this is your weekend my dear. And, whilst watching the movie, show your hubby how super talented you are and fry up some real fried green tomatoes! Perfect companion to the movie! Did you know that the movie was filmed right here in Georgia? Yep, it was. It was filmed in a tiny town in middle Georgia named Juliette. Click over to this link to learn more about the town, the cafe and the movie. Many of the scenes were filmed at The Whistle Stop Cafe, aptly named for the fact that it sits right next to a train depot. There's not much left from the set, but The Whistle Stop Cafe is still there and just in case you're wondering, they do still sell those mouth-watering fried green tomatoes. If you are ever heading southward through Georgia, take a little pit stop and let them serve you their specialty. It is worth the few moments drive off the highway let me just say from personal experience. The movie is pure southern goodness and I give it two thumbs up. Now, on to the recipe.......

Fried Green Tomatoes

1.   Slice your green tomatoes into thin slices no more than 1/2 thick.

2.  Whisk about 3 eggs and 1/2 cup milk together in a bowl {this will be enough to coat about 5 tomatoes}.

3.  In a separate bowl, place about 2 cups flour. Sprinkle generously with salt and pepper.

4. Pour about 1 inch deep of your regular cooking oil in a skillet and heat to a medium temperature.

5.  Dip your tomato slice into your egg, then into the flour.

6.  Place the slice into your pre-heated skillet. You should be able to get about 3 or 4 slices into your skillet depending upon it's size. Tomato slices should be in a single layer and not touching.

7.  Once first side has browned, flip until both sides are golden. Remove onto a paper towel lined plate to drain and cool slightly.

8.  Serve immediately.

Now, I only have to say that I may or may not have eaten most of these while writing this post. They're just that doggone good y'all! One of those occupational hazards I suppose! Enjoy the movie, the side dish AND the weekend!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Afternoon Delight {Copycat Starbuck's Frappuccino}

I really miss my wintertime afternoon coffee. It's probably the ONLY thing about winter I do miss. Our kiddos are performing in our local theatre's version of "The King And I" in a couple of weeks, and the practices have been MANY! Our evenings are late due to the practice schedule and I find myself really needing an afternoon pick me up to keep me from embarrassing myself by nodding off in my cozy, back row seat. Hot coffee, hot summer, yuck. Sounds just awful right? The other day while out on one of our thrifting adventures, I splurged BIG-TIME and bought a Starbuck's Frappuccino. It was hot out, and I was exhausted, and this luscious, but ridiculously overpriced treat, really hit the spot. How do folks justify spending that money on a regular basis- I just don't get it?? So what's my thrifty, little self to do? Those frappuccinos are quite addictive I should say. I did what any thrifty minded soul would do, I began an internet search. Don't y'all do that too? My searches led me to many recipes and much taste testing. Whew! I hope y'all appreciate all my trials perfecting this recipe for you all. It was tedious! But after much testing, I've landed upon a doggone good match! Enjoy y'all........

Copycat Starbucks Frappuccino

3/4 cup STRONG coffee {cold!}
1 1/2 to 2 cups ice
1/2 cup whole milk
2 Tbsp. sugar
1 tsp.vanilla

Add all ingredients to blender. Blend until you no longer hear any ice whirring around. You may substitute  your usual milk or sugar. To change up the taste- add flavored syrups, and if you want the whole Starbuck's experience, add whipped cream!  Ta-da! Your very own Frappuccino! Now, take a bow!

And now, I'm off to make me one of these delicious treats - another late practice tonight. Thanks ever so for stopping by.............

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Monday, July 14, 2014

And More Dirty Laundry {Part Two}

I'm baaaaack! Told ya I'd be right here Monday morning! This was an interesting weekend. I've spent a WHOPPING lot of time reflecting on Friday's post. If you happened to miss it, click here, or else you're going to be totally confused today! If you are hoping for lots of sage advice and tried and true conclusions, I'm afraid you'll be leaving quite disappointed. What I do have today, is hope for me and for you and for all our daughters. I've spent the last three days thinking, planning, and figuring on how I can not only learn to love myself right now at this very moment, but how I can also help my daughter learn to love herself unconditionally. Let me tell you, it's REALLY hard. This is new territory for me! I've spent most of the last twenty three years trying to stay just out of the camera's frame because I didn't want to see myself in the photo. Come on now, be honest, you volunteer to be the picture taker too, don't you? That way you don't have to see yourself in the picture. Yep, this is gonna be painful! But, I'm up for the challenge and I shall succeed. I have to, my daughter's counting on me.

So this is how we've started. We've talked, hugged, cried, and laughed a bunch this weekend. That's a good start. We've also eaten lots of chocolate chip pancakes 'cause I figured it couldn't hurt, right? I've researched positive affirmations and bought lots of these:  

They make some of the cutest Post-it notes these days. Don't you just love that little cell phone one? Just perfect for a teen girl! I plan on using these to write positive thoughts and bible verses for both our daughters and sticking them on their bathroom mirrors. By reminding ourselves to change old habits, we can stay positively focused on the task at hand. These are also good for us moms! 

I am also going to be more vigilante at "checking in" with our daughter. I think that as our kids get older and need less from us, we tend to lose touch with them and get busy with other stuff, and intentionally or not, we miss out on their subtle cues. We are also stocking our bedside tables with some new reading materials. I've ordered these on Amazon:

                  Find It Here                 

Don't you just love the cover on that last one? So trendy! These changes that we're making are all fine and dandy, but the MOST important one comes from me. I have to change my dysfunctional view of myself so that I can mirror a positive self image for my daughters. The example that we set, I believe, is the most pro-active move we can make. If I love myself, she'll be more apt to love herself.

I've been so moved by so many beautiful women in my own community and in my "virtual" community. You guys are just the greatest and you've helped me beyond measure with your positive thoughts and "virtual hugs". I'm so, so blessed to have you all! Please share any advice you may have in the comment section! I'm just beginning a long, bumpy path here and I really would welcome some company! Until next time..........